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Texas Thrower's Video Page
When you become a Texas Throwers Club member you get access to a consolidated library of throwing, training, and general fitness resources all with the goal of you throwing farther and having more fun doing it. Below are a few samples


Shot put 2019 Finals
Of course, any media - resource center for throwers has to start with the epic shot put battle of the World Championships 2019. We could watch this over and over and over.
Shot putters are athletic
If you think Shot Putters don't need to be athletic, just strong, think again. Here is a short clip of former World Championships record holder Werner Gunther showing some really impressive springs
The 8 furthest throws in Diamond League History
Unlike the 2019 World Shot Put Finals the very best throws don't always occur in the championships, especially for events like the javelin that are affected by conditions. That doesn't stop us from including a video of the 8 best throws in Diamond League History
An American Record.
In the season that never was, there are still great throws and because there are throwers like Valerie Allman doing their thing in the ring.
Thank you to Madisson Throws Club for putting together a you tube video break down.
At your best when it counts the most
The pinacle of throwing is to achieve your best throw when it counts the most. In this video, Christopher Harting wins Gold, just like his brother Robert did in 2012. But he one-upped his big bro by achieving a personal best in the process. Now, that's clutch
Classics that are still the best!
Yuriy Sedykh set the World Record Six times. And if that wasn't enough he last broke the World record in 1986 and that record stands still today as the best ever on the third rock from the sun.

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