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Founding Members

It's Texas; We go Big and throw Big!
It's Texas; We go Big and throw Big!
Founding Members

In 2009 Robert Rogers, Steve Patridge, Ed Riewerts, and Marty Wright came together to form the Texas Throwers Club after realizing the need for an active masters throwing organization in Texas. The goal of the club was, and still is, the promotion of throwing safety, training and masters throwing. The first throwers meet was held on June 9, 2009 in Carrizo Springs, Texas. For some of us who attended that first meet, it is remembered not just for being a very hot and dusty day, but it is remembered as the start of a love for masters throwing.

Members of the Texas Throwers Club have gone on to win both national and world masters titles. More importantly, they have made friends and represented the club wherever they have competed.

USATF club disposition

The Texas Throwers Club is a fully qualified member club of USA Track and Field. The club falls under the auspices of the USATF South Texas Association and is registered through 2019. The USATF club number is 43-0086.

The Texas Throwers Club fully complies with United States tax laws. Anyone wishing to review the clubs federal tax ID (EIN) number/letter can find it here.

The Texas Throwers Club is registered with the State of Texas as a nonprofit organization. The certificate of formation number is: 802623885.

The Texas Throwers Club has been approved by the IRS for 501c3 non- profit status. Donations to the club are tax deductible.


Board Members are volunteer promoting the spirt and community of throwing within Texas and beyond it's borders
Board Members
The Texas Throwers Club board of directors is composed of five members. One board member also serves as the Club President. Current board members are:
  • Darrel Harriman - President
  • Carol Finsrud
  • Seth Brower
  • Hondo Salgado
  • Eric Cole

Board members serve two-year terms and are eligible for re-election by club members at the end of their terms. Board members will support and promote the club during their terms, while giving direction to the club president.

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